WEBINAR: June 16th @ 11am ET

Opportunities & Obstacles for Robots in the E-Commerce Supply Chain

The pandemic permanently accelerated the shift to digital shopping by about five years. This growth trajectory would be unsustainable without the addition of technology to take the weight off of its human counterparts. Thankfully, robots are coming to the rescue. Please join our Director of Research Jeremie Capron for a discussion with ROBO Global strategic advisor Ken Goldberg, Prof. of Engineering at UC Berkeley and Chief Scientist of Ambi Robotics, and Jim Liefer, CEO of Ambi Robotics on the tremendous potential for robotics across the e-commerce supply chain.


Ambi Robotics was co-founded by Jeff Mahler, Ken Goldberg, and 3 PhD students from Ken's UC Berkeley lab in 2019 to apply advances in robotics and AI to address a growing demand for package handling. Built on 35+ years of research at UC Berkeley and emerging results from other universities, Ambi Robots use simulation-to-reality AI, a unique approach to quickly learning how to grasp a broad range of novel objects in warehouses. Their robots are supporting workers in the fast-growing e-commerce space – and are creating an exciting opportunity for investors.